Wooden City
Trees Eyes


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Wooden City is a project born from Sebastiano Forte, guitarist, composer, arranger who lives in Rome and is active in several artistic projects in the capital, including “YOU the band too duo”, the “Nidi D’Arac”, the “Collective Angelo Mai ”, as well in this brand new project with the vocalist Chiara Calderale.

Starting from the strings of an acoustic guitar, from the human voice and from the intertwining of harmony and melody is the need from which everything starts, returning to the origins of modern music, to the wood that resonates with the strings, to the trees that gave it life and to the eternal questions that arise in the soul and find the right prosody in music.

The EP combines the essentiality of a guitar and a voice with the possibilities of electronics and computers, the latter reduced to a minimum and therefore in an interweaving that remains intimate, as intimate is the desire to be close to the listener, to reduce distances and speak from soul to soul. They are songs that move on personal and at the same time universal themes, surprising and at the same time simple harmonies in the way they accompany you, in the woods, in the city, in something deeply natural and at the same time wonderfully artificial, in a nutshell, human.

Wooden City are:

Sebastiano Forte: Guitars, electronic treatments, computer programming, voices

Chiara Calderale: Voices