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“Freakin’ Guitar Space” is the celebration of the solo sound of the electric guitar, the enthusiasm of the 60’s wave surf, blends with jazz echoes with vintage electronics and sampling of the current digital era. Vibrant melodies alternate with powerful riffs, creating evocative landscapes from typically film-like nature.

Return to mind images of Sergio Leone, Fellini, Tarantino revisited in 4k. The project is divided into pieces of impact from the polyptych-like flavor and ballads with a strong soundtrack, all conducted by the convincing and crystal-clear voice of Thundermeek’s guitar.

The tracks:

“Gentleman Ring”is a new boss with the melody of the guitar “twang”, at times romantic, sometimes dreamy.

In “Nobody’s hills”you can see the fiery valleys of Western films, galloping on the outskirts of the arid hills, crossing large spaces, canyons and then returning to the ranch for a break.

With” Woodland Crossing”,the atmosphere becomes more dull, a retreat thriller where the culprit still needs to be discovered and maybe he is just behind us.

A sunbeam opens the “Morning Hotel”, a different day to discover that brings with it a joyous atmosphere and full of exciting news.

Two slaps on face”, ends with the pursuit of a suspicious Aston Martin on the streets of Los Angeles, narrow curves, red and straight beating with beer.
A moment of relaxation in the day is what it takes, a “Magic Siesta” serves to let us swing hypnotically and bring us into a magical meditative state.

Sparkling Horizon”, the special team is on mission as in a classic polyptych, the fuzzy guitar brings us back to sonority of the post-hendrix era “Mexican Escape” explains the exotic characteristics of surf music so much in Dick Dale, Hispanic references resonate with orchestral sounds.

After a bad story ended a summer in New Mexico to find out memories, regrets and feelings: “Lazy Days in Santa Fe”.

Waltzin Wine”, a waltz that comes to mind some Fellini characters, images of private moments of circus artists who wear their melancholic masks in everyday life maybe in front of a glass of Italian wine.

Returning to the wetland after a table tour a crab community is staging a choreography, “Dancing Crabs!

A gang of thieves with a face covered by the masks of famous players Cr7, Messi, Ibra and Totti robbed Casino Royale, a big gamble, “Crazy Gamblers”.

A luxurious sunset, in an exclusive party on the “Sunset Bay” a d.j. abducts her audience until the morning hypnotizing her with her music.

Soap bubbles flying up from the evening sea breeze, “Bubble Spinner”