Painting My Time


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“The Yellow Waves” was born in 2017 from the artistic meeting of Massimo Fedeli (piano, fender rhodes, hammond) and Eleonora Betti (lead and all back voices)  and relies on the collaboration of sophisticated musicians from the Roman area of ​​jazz and pop: Stefano Micarelli on guitars, Nicolò Pagani on electric bass and double bass, Stefano Micarelli on Guitars, Davide Sollazzi on drums, Fabrizio Aiello on percussions and on flute and Soprano Sax

Massimo talks about his work:
I’ve always liked writing melodies and combining them with harmonies of a slightly more jazzy flavor, just as I’ve always liked to range between various musical genres. Painting My Time, is an album in which there is a clear prevalence of compositions born to be absolutely instrumental. This has certainly not made Eleonora an easy life but she has been very good at creating beautiful texts that go perfectly with my music.

Eleonora also gives us memories and how her lyrics are born:
I have known and respected Massimo for many years. Working with him on this album was a great pleasure. The music written by Massimo has inspired texts that talk about travel, positive evolutions, love. Sometimes small revolutions occur in our lives: changing cities, falling in love, challenging oneself and accepting one’s own falls are all things that renew the way we look at ourselves and the world.


01 Feel at home: it started from a riff that made me think of a very melodic jazz waltz by Enrico Rava. A 4/4 piece was surely released in Latin in which I wanted to leave some joking tones that in the end has very little of the production of the great Italian trumpet player.

02 Midnight: A piece born instrumental and written to witness a passionate explanatory urgency and I believe that this immediacy is discreetly perceived. There is a rock imprint but there is also a melody and a harmony that go beyond touching a bit of jazz and Latin beat.

03 This is my day: It is a song born to be associated with a text, jaunty, all in all simple that came to my mind listening to rhythms and atmospheres that can be danced with jazz-dance references.

04 Counting stars: It is an instrumental born song that made us sweat a lot to me and Eleonora to bend it to the right needs of adaptation, to make it become the first song and then to write the related text. The atmosphere that emerged is, at least musically, very complex and varied. It starts from a definitely rock rhythm on which a melodic but discreetly repetitive phrase is inserted first and then opens with a melody of the large and particularly modulating refrain.

05 With a smile: song with a pop-country flavor born about American landscapes

06 The way to find my happiness: it is a carefree rock-pop song that has greatly amused me writing and is one of the few songs that I immediately thought to be associated with a text.

07 Into a dream: it’s a ballad that recalls pop-country contexts with a nice evocative rate … I dedicated it to a person with whom I shared a story.

08 A place where I belong: Track born to be associated with a text. Apparently of simple conception, at least from a melodic point of view; but in reality the melody rests on a modal chromatic harmony that recalls both acid-jazz and lounge music. The refrain always widens and fluctuates with an atmosphere that remains sufficiently interrogative and very lightly psychedelic.

09 Painting my time: Melodic ballad, very evocative and even intimate. I have always perceived it as a sweet and calm invitation to tell and share.

10 Shine: Instrumental piece dedicated to Antonio Jobim that I wrote a long time ago and in any case after the death of the great Maestro. I always wanted this song, which I deliberately arranged in a sufficiently bossa nova way, to reach the distant Brazilian shores …


Additional musicians:

Stefano Micarelli: Guitars

Nicolò Pagani . Electric Bass, and Double Bass

Davide Sollazzi: Drums

Fabrizio Aiello: Percussions

Diego Bettazzi: Flute, Sax Soprano