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The second studio work by Stevie’s Blend differs from the previous one above all in the use of  sounds which recall a decidedly more electric style of  Blues Rock. In this new E.P. the band is searching for a more basic style of writing and recording, where Stefano’s electric guitars and Gianna Chillà’s intense voice and way of singing, lead the band to discover a more  “earthy “ kind of blues, upheld by a solid rhythm section formed by Michael Brill on bass and Piero E. Pierantozzi on drums. Both the instruments used and the way in which the tracks were recorded, respect the simplicity and naturalness of the sounds. Therefore, very few overdubs were made, in order to create the idea and sound of a live band, but also lending an ear to a more carefully managed and solid sound, so as to keep pace with that of mainstream Blues Rock albums. Written once again by Stefano, the tracks will have a decidedly stronger sound, in the tradition of the best Chicago Blues, but with a vitality verging on rock. Apart from the overall impact of the sound, the real innovation is the arrival of Gianna Chilla’, already well known internationally for her amazing similarity to the voice of Janis Joplin, and the result is amazing. The pathos of  “real” blues, together with a strong and compact power trio.

GIRL WITH A GUN refers to the ever present problems of unemployment and misery and the desperation that often results from these situations. The song describes the somewhat foolish actions of a girl who, for the umpteenth time, receives no moral support whatever when trying to find a job. The guitar riff, and the raunchy “ harmonica sounding” voice, go straight to the guts, just like true Chicago Blues;  a little aggressive but sincere. Surely we have all dreamt of having an imaginary magic button which could reset all our problems by taking us back to a precise moment in time, before we did something wrong, or getting us out of some ugly mess. Everyone, bar none.

PUSH THE BUTTON is a strong ironic number, where the rhythm section blends deeply with the guitar and voice, to create a powerful mood, in which everyone  will recognise themselves. Awareness is not always a good feeling to have in today’s society, where everything must be done at high speed.

TOO FAST is the portrayal of a woman who watches the way other people live from the corner of a street, run down by life itself and wrong-doings. A woman who sends out an important message. We only have one life to live and the decisions we make, as with their consequences, are for ever. The track has a modern funky Blues atmosphere, with a rap interlude which rather “infects” the mood and leads us off into other territories, not only Blues.

BAD LUCK is a classical blues number, right from the make-up of the song and is an excuse to take a close look at the struggles of everyday life and ask an absent God why there is so much suffering and neglect in the world. In full Chicago Blues style, the song is given it’s characteristic sound  by the use of a bottleneck, as done widely by guitarists from the Mississippi Delta and by Gianna’s  “Joplin style” vocal rendition. Inseparable suffering and irony.


The current band members are:
Stefano De Angelis – guitar
Gianna Chillà – lead vocals
Michael Brill – bass
Piero E. Pierantozzi – rum