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No Rules


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No Rules EP

01)  – No Rules  (Radio Edit)
02)  – No Rules  (Extended Night Version)
03)  – Light My Days  (Radio Edit)
04)  – No Rules (Instrumental)


The song was born as a claim of total mental freedom in a world that increasingly subtly conditions us, making us believe we have full accessibility and expressive freedom, when instead we are increasingly conditioned by the judgment and opinion of others on our actions. “My revolution began blowing in sound” derives from the personal experience of Naomi Clark, her personal revolution is believing in music and in her own artistic nature, against any conditionings, from family or society, that until now had always brought her to choose the mediation between rationality and her true nature. “My evolution get my feet back on the ground”: it is precisely the personal growth and the open-mindedness that can lead us to personal evolution, whatever path we decide to take, will bring us back on feeling good about our true selves and overcoming our limits.


In this song is expressed the happiness and all the positive charge that can give off a love story in all its emotional involvement. It describes those moments when you believe that everything is possible, to feel “in heaven” only by spending time with your loved one.
Simple lyrics that has the intention to launch a positive and motivational message, against the grayness of the negativity, too often expressed in lyrics that talks about love.