Waterfall Quartet


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Waterfall Quartet intends to be a permanent composition laboratory or Think Tank and at the same time a physical live band with a high psychological impact. The music composed by the quartet is suitable both to a live concert venue, accompaniment of visual and movement artists, live performances and cinematic scores.

 01 Moment of silence   (Matteo Ceccarelli)

Groovy and relaxing at the same time, with a rarefied sound

02 Sugar and coffee (Matteo Sperandio)

A rich in tones piece,  full of nuances and joyful

03 Tenderly to you (Matteo Sperandio)

Peaceful and intimate, this piece sounds almost like a prayer or a sweet remembrance.

04 Shape of me and you (Matteo Sperandio)

Another melancholic piece, with an intense, dramatic refrain

05 Avec Irene (Massimo Colabella)

Guitar is in charge, in this jazz waltz. You can clearly listen to the manouche influences which call to mind, like an echo, the hot club the France atmosphere.

06 Summer sleep (Matteo Sperandio)

An ABA form; in this piece, the mysterious intro and outro frame the melodic and

classical music-oriented middle section

07 Blue night (Massimo Colabella)

Another song, with catchy melodies. Folk – oriented

08 Bass for you (Matteo Sperandio)

Just a simple and epic song.

09 Amniotic floyd (Matteo Sperandio)

A shady ballad, with powerful melodies constantly accompanied by guitar arpeggios

10 Elastic bounce (Matteo Sperandio)

Relaxing and groovy theme: a catchy blend of modern pop atmospheres.

11 Powder Fall (Matteo Sperandio)

Dreamy atmosphere in the magical Andes landscape and mountains.

12 Crossing China (Matteo Sperandio)

In a way, this piece sounds like a shamanic chant; the simple melodies come in succession, like waves, till the end, recalling ancient times.

13 Life fragments (Simone Pirisi)

Melancholic mood, with vitreous piano chords and significant strings melodie