Quartetto Sharareh
If you Want it Too – Parallel Universe


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1. IF YOU WANT IT TOO feat. Livia Reali on Voice

IF YOU WANT IT TOO: String Quartet and Voice – A pop-cinematic piece with an epic and dramatic atmosphere at the same time: a mixture made possible by the omnipresent repeated / ostinato of the strings, in contrast with a very large main theme that can be sung on the voice. The text evokes ancient and lost emotions of a now divided pair of lovers, in the light of the new maturity acquired in adulthood: thus emerges the touching desire for a new story together, no longer fueled by only the passionate youthful instinct but by the real awareness of what it really means loving another person.

PARALLEL UNIVERSE: String Quartet – Composition with a sidereal flavor, constantly poised between major and minor keys. The accounting of the theme, combined with the pizzicati first and then the accompanying quatrains, generates a counterpoint effect of a classicist matrix. In the finale, the minor chord with the ninth suspended in the song reveals a last momentum towards a horizon that will never be reached, abandoning the listener to the incomprehensible and boundless charm of the deep universe.
“PARALLEL UNIVERSE” by: Gianfilippo Spadaro, Marzia Ricciardi, Federica Vecchio
” IF YOU WANT IT TOO” by:  Gianfilippo Spadaro, Marzia Ricciardi, Federica Vecchio, Leonardo Robert