Pauline London
Quiet Skies


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Here is the new soloist project of Pauline London, singer, composer and lyricist, whose music is crossed by suggestions jazz, lounge, NuJazz, combined together from an incisive and rarefied vocal style at the same time. Been born as jazz-singer Pauline moves with boldness toward the new electronic scene, succeeding to mix with effectiveness tunes from the taste jazzy to the new bossa sonorities. She participates in the last years in various record projects among which Barrio Jazz Gang as vocalist and author.This is the debut album that reveales a mix of refined and evocative sound, following the succes obtained for the vocal perfomance on the famous LINDA CANCAO track. She is able to capture the listener with its hypnotic taste, both reflexive and sunny, supported by excellent arrangements that now conducts toward a sort of cool-jazz now toward the warm territories of the bossa-nova. She spended a long time singing and studying all the great singers such as Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington, Carmen Mc Rae, Shirley Bassey on the jazz blues side. Also she a great interpreter of Elis Regina and Astrud Gilberto tracks.
The cd is opened with the wonderful deep and intense soulful track “Love can sing“ where she really give us true emotions. “Stay by my side” starts with a quality broken beat programming on pad of orchestra’s s strings while the sweet melody grown in a magic fields. Listen here to her scat jazz vocals and solo.
On the third track “ Out on winter “ she is with Paul Innarella that plays the soprano-sax and together they give us a little jewel for that winter days where we all whispering the sunny times……… a free seagull ! An intimate jazz-guitar break before Pauline closing the track with her tipycal vocalizing, give us a moment of pure visionary pleasure.
“Sing a lullaby” is a latin–dancefloor track with a great hook and superb electronic treatments. Her vocals are floating in an atmosphere of a very happy party mood, can be in Rio, Havana, L.A. or in a beach club in the warmth of a tropical summer. The guitar is making a very strong riff that for sure will remain in your mind for long. In the well know track “ Fly in the sky “ Pauline sings in her own inimitable way and remind us the days of Shirley Bassey in English ‘60’ spy movies. Huge heart, great inspiration and expertly crafted.
“Vibraçao “ with his bubbling bass line and acoustic guitars played by Steve take us in an intense brazilian landscape atmosphere, where the exciting flute patterns floats……strong sense of a greater wider vision.
Don’t be fooled by the title this 7 track ” Bubbles” is an inspiring glimpse of dark jazz on a sexy voice in the setting of lush. Vibraphone and brass characterized the sound and the mood giving that special jazzy feeling.
“Dance the life” is an irresistible down tempo soul track with hammond, acoustic guitar and percussion and again the soprano-sax that duet wih Pauline in the warmest moment of the all cd.
“My be yesterday” starts with with a rimshot solid-groove where the eletric guitar riff gives to the rhythm that special ’70’s funky sound. The bassline is circular and also very fat, her voice as usual goes from soul to pop melodies to fantastic scat–beats. Her multi-recording vocals will for sure amaze you. Also featuring Paul on a flute.
“Talking to the moon “ is a night ballad with a sad feeling but big hope a love. She said: “…Quiet vision of the night you break the dark of this long long night……….I’m returning to the dreamland………..” These few words exactly catch the meaning of her creative expression of love and feeling to the music that reflects her lifestyle.
“In your eyes” is a rhythmic chill-out song that sudddenly slides in a pop-mood sound and create new way to make modern music with a new approach but still maintaining a foot in the tradition. The percussion grooves and the rhythms of the guitars sweep away together with the flute and the strings arrangements. ………Rain or shine I don’t mind ‘cause I’ve got you into my life………………….The first “Barrio Jazz Gang” remix of the “ Fly in the sky “ track start with one of their best jazz broken beat, that is the trademark of their sound. The bassline is very solid and fat while the electric piano chords harmonizes soflty on her beautiful vocals. The bongoes rhythms running fast under the groove and the brass and guitar shots construct a cinematic atmosphere. In the break the snare-drill and the electronic filtering are exalting her magic singing.
“My be yesterday” is another “Barrio Jazz Gang” remix exquisitely designed for club jazz dancefloor. The initial Pauline scat and the hammond shots are taking us as usual into a retro-modern atmosphere where she brings the warmth of her voice, filtered and treated with deep knowledge of the electronic machines use. She says : “ Night was made just for us, now it’s easy to believe it………..close your eyes and let you see…………………. “