Sunrise Light


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In this project, ROB brings together musical elements from around the planet and mixes them together, forming a unique fusion of music entitled PANAPHONIC, which really translates in looking into music through a large panoramic view of sounds.
“Sunrise Light” and suddenly the journey goes through electronic pads and trumpet introduction notes which bring you in a future technicolored landscape. The sexy lady vocals as well the trumpet melody build an imaginary world of sweetness and joy.The second track is called “
Funky Shadowlight” is a funky smooth jazz track with a warm tenor sax and deep vocals and shouts. The piano and the jazz guitar patterns as well as the brass, build a really cool and jazzy atmosphere. The live strings break stop the mood and create a suspended moment of thrill, thus closing with the warm sax notes.
“Softnoise Revolution” is dominated by downtempo style electro groove. All here is dark, but the electric guitar lines create a very calm atmosphere. the bass-line and the bongo also help to describe the path of this revolution of sounds, very particular and original.
“The Outside View” is a mid-tempo nujazz track with its typical erotic and exciting vision that fits for a perfect night in New York, Tokyo, Paris, Rio de Janeiro. Great vocals, groovy percussions, and a solid bass-line.
“St Denis Ceara” is a remix of a smooth bossa track sung by Mona Gadelha, the great Brazilian singer. the flute in this track is great and warm and supports the sexy vocals.

“Espuma Bossa” is a fast bossa track feat. The voice of Liliana Gimenez. She also wrote the sweet words. The theme, both with the vocals and the strings is really irresistible. Congas, guitar, and the bass are jamming really well here, bringing you in the most exotic party you’ll ever witness.
“Afrokraft” with his African female voice choirs and fast percussion, brings you in a journey into the African jungle. Trumpet plays perfect melodies and electronic sounds let you slide in a perfect trip.
“Contas Novas” another great bossa track sung by Liliana Gimenez, really smooth sounds and a delicious melody, nice Brazilian lounge atmosphere. Feels like a warm breeze on an idyllic beach.
“Broken Blues” is high tempo nujazz floor filler. Nothing more to say. Great brass and trombone solo.
“Flying Inside” another uptempo nujazz track featuring a great double bass pattern, and the nice sweet vocals are very catchy.
“Sambastique” samba-electro groove to let you dream about Rio de Janeiro party-nights.
“Exotic Pussy” Latin-influenced groove to create the most crazy orgy in rhythm ever.
Featuring The Pauline London Vocalizing.
“Reflective” meditative mid tempo house track!

“Espuma Bossa” late at night soft version, simply unbelievable! smooth and tender. Sebastiano Forte (L.E.D.) feat on back vocals and clarinet.