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Sweating Sweetest Love


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Artist: Moon Lagoon

Title:  Debbie / Sweating Sweetest Love

File under: Indie, Folk, Country, Pop 


  • Debbie
  • Sweating Sweetest Love

 “Debbie” is not about the story of a woman, but it’s about the man who, hiding among all her admirers, has always been truly and deeply in love with her; still, he restricted himself to only dream about her from afar, without ever move a step toward her. The song is a tribute to carpe diem,  to seize the opportunity before it slowly vanishes from your fingers.

“Sweating Sweetest Love”: two lovers, one of them is always wanting to have the last word. But why should winning the fight be so important? Perhaps, the best thing is to let the other person be the winner and get back her own freedom.

The project Moon Lagoon is the result of the cohesion between the songwriter method and the country-folk texture, brought back from oversea. Matteo Sperandio, violinist and singer, and Marialuna Cipolla, guitarist and singer, start their collaboration in June 2017, writing few original songs in English; the lyrics come at a later time, outlining the distinctive topics of the album. The consecutive procedure is the one that is classic in every musical project: chosing the coolest coworker (Massimo Colabella – lead guitar, Matteo Fabrizi – bass, Fabio D’Isanto and Saverio Federici – drums and percussions), selecting the best songs and looking for a title to enshrine their personality. “Chest of Serenades” is a box full of stories. Some of them have been lived, some have been heard and wrote out after, but it’s really not the point, because every story deserves to be told. Here, we talk about love, melancholy and vitality, serenity, abandonment and re-match, fortuity. It’s a luggage made of thoughts and feelings that we’re carrying as individuals and, if you want, you can have a look at the inside and, maybe, grab something to take away.

Additional Musicians:

Massimo Colabella: guitars
Matteo Fabrizi: bass
Fabio D’Isanto: drums
Saverio Federici: drums and  percussions

Executive and artistic producer: Matteo Sperandio, Massimo Colabella, Rob Colella  – Funky Juice records (a Surabaya Music publishing sublabel).


“Debbie”: composed by:  Matteo Sperandio and written by: Marialuna Cipolla
“Sweating Sweetest Love”: composed by:  Matteo Sperandio and written by: Marialuna Cipolla

All tracks published by Surabaya Music publ. (S.I.A.E.)

Recorded and Mixed at: Experienced Recording Studio (Terni) – Point Of View (Roma)
2020 – (p) & © Surabaya Music publ.