Karnag Duo
Atlantic Breath


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The name Karnag is inspired by the famous British megalithic site Carnac.
The Duo was always born in Finisterre from the; meeting of the composer guitarist Didier Dreo and the harpist author-composer Andrea Seki during their collaboration on the latest project
record and artistic record of the famous Breton singer Kristen Nicolas!
The two musicians collaborated discovering a good understanding and complementarity between their respective instruments, and their musical writing. Following the success of this project, the two decide to
work on new compositions inspired by the ancient Breton civilizations to the distant peoples of the sea.
This work gave birth to a series of pieces of melodic interest particularly suitable for
evoke medieval scenes, Celtic settings and sweeping landscapes of northern Europe.
Didier Dreo : guitars , classical, folk, electric , Yar guitar (type of guitar-sitar created by Didier)
Andrea Seki:Arpa Neo – Celtic electro acoustic, Fx pedal (whose original effects are created by