There Is A Light


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This project is a collaboration of musicians whose individual experiences encountered in live size that creates a strong energy with the audience. allowing the group to express itself fully.
The basic thematic album cover in two directions:the woman and her emancipation, through relationships ‘ love in all its aspects.The essence of nature to defend and preserve for a reunion with our being deeper, the songs tell of moments of life of independent and free women who do not believe in fairy tales anymore and moved by their pride and their wisdom walk head-on. After many reports are wrong and bad experiences, the woman comes out stronger and renewed ready to move forward with optimism and confidence.
Newfound love and passion that makes us overcome everything and makes us fly is one of the main themes of the album along with nature, great invaluable source of well-being, which shows its colours and its perfect balance and needs to be safeguarded, particularly for future generations. The disc reflects very intimate features the artist, his will and determination to move forward, with music and in life despite the many difficulties. ‘ common. The sensitivity towards certain musical retro atmosphere and passion for great singers of black-soul drove Jade throughout his life and hopefully the authenticity of her music will reach into the depths of the soul.

Artist’s personal thoughts in moments of shooting pictures of the EPK:

“In making this album I was inspired by the deep vibrations emanating the biggest and historical items of black-African American soul music” “There is always some good if you focus on what you want to do really.”
“When you feel to be an artist you great music fans and is the one you stay faithful. Seek in every way to contribute to it by joining his world with all your being, either in the basic research in experimenting new solutions. “
“In this adventure a great help arrived from the great composer SM, who composed and arranged with me all except the cover 2 and meeting with producer Roberto Colella which has coordinanto all, we supported and guided in the right choices” “We spent a couple of years in construction and realization of this cd of 14 songs, very homogeneous in sound and listening, dense fluid of 60 years and 70 atmospheres style motown and classic R&B before now.”
“The freedom of the artist that I had and received by all participants in the recording and during the moments spent together, it appears as a result through my vocal performance. The emotions and the feeling that envelop these recordings are credited in a great Union of purpose of all musicians who have contributed to what is my greatest gratitude. ”
> Storytelling, images and evocative moments of all lyrics,

Nobody but you
in this brrano you speak of a strong and determined woman. who does not want to find that he, only he, the one and only. really loves him and doesn’t want to give up his dream.

No turning back
a woman who feels strong and wise, and does not believe in fairy tales anymore. After a life full of difficulties, go ahead if safe, with his feet on the ground without no more go back Jade you identify a lot in this song, and believes that despite the obstacles of life, we must get straight to realize their goals.

Don’t bother
a woman who doesn’t want some diamond rings to be happy. wants to do away with him, that has ruined my life. has had enough, he wants to turn the page and doesn’t want to hear anymore talk about him.

This time
This song is about a woman reflecting on her report notes that now it’s over. wants to go on his way with his forces, … It’s always been deluded with multiple lies. that led to the dissolution report,

Times ain’t blue
nothing better than to turn the page and make new projects, positive thinking, sorridebdo to life, leaving behind old daily routine for getting to new shores of bliss,

This song is about a positive love. She lets herself go and fly, glad that she loves him. once rejected but now has found its direction, ready to love him.

the excitement of its proximity the creates dizziness, makes them lose control..love as a powerful bomb sends her off if it disturbs the insistently.

Reachin my body
Here he tells the perfect harmony that you create in a love story. When he reaches the body of her, and is completely lose control.

Sap and dew
This universal message says: “let the flowers live, not pick them up. so nature has its perfect balance. save it for future generations. We need that the water remains clean. and even the air to breathe. Let the wonderful gifts of nature to live forever. ”

Lay down
overcoming many difficult moments,. She doesn’t feel more lonely and reflecting on his dreams. now he’s happy to have it made because I met him.

I live I smile
a woman who wants to change his life. He needs to live, smile and breathe without that he is next, she is determined that his life took a different turn, breaking away from him he wants to completely reborn.

Gotta getcha
This song is about a love submissive. He is the only one for her, it would absolutely in his life and doesn’t stop until he’s called.

Cover Versions:
Sex and drugs and rock and roll, a song by Ian Dury as quips about drugs and urges not to make use of it;

Can we pretend, written and sung by Bill Withers. It’s a nice song about an unstable love whose future is uncertain despite the will to make it secure.