Gabriel Barrett
In the Middle


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01 The Double Of Myself: Am I the one or there’s another me? Who took my place by the piano? Experiencing the dual as a curiosity about ourselves but also as an escape and an experimental trip in the dreamlike dimension and in the music.

02 Summer ’68: the 1970’s song, written and interpreted by Richard Wright, Pink Floyd historical piano man, echoes like a memory in another piano man, bring disillusionment back again after 50 years.

03 Rising  Energy: From a shy melody the strength of going on as an energic, solemn, strong man against any obstacles can be born.

04 Mad World: The English Band Tears For Fears song of 1982 become a chance to come back melancholically at the age of changing. At that time everything could be exciting and then suddenly adverse.

05 My Spare Time: I search solutions in vain, fragments of time, sensations, stealing seconds, minutes, a life. Carpe diem says the past and yet as you say it is suddenly disappeared, when you lose chances, a train, a love.

06 Hilary’s Bicycle: There are some roughness on the journey Ilary made with her bicycle. Rocks, branches in the middle of the road, little and big holes on asphalt. However, The Certainty of living and going in the right direction gives her cheerfulness and allows her to enjoy more of her destination, of her riding.

07 Daddy Song: It flows but it doesn’t disappear. That is the pain of a loss of a father. Sometimes you feel the sweetness of a memory…It is a wise memory, rich of teachings, words you find the same way on yourself while you become older, like him. And you feel History with its spinning in the middle of Us.

08 My Friend Is An Angel: is the memory of an overcome illness which is no more. The Man won. His looking tells us an initiatory journey, which is life itself.

09 Little Smile: A son smile opens a clove of paradise. As if we were allowed to admire something so pure and inapproachable for few seconds, to hope again, to believe again and find the joy to commit yourself of being a better man.

10 The Power Of Love: Frankie Goes to Hollywood great hit of 1984 is almost whispered, timidly suggested to our attention, leaving a kind comment: like Holly Johnson said “the fact is Love only matters, in the end”.

11 Brother By Chance: What is a brother? A friend? Someone who is just there by chance? Blood of my blood? A rival? A master? A son? Maybe all of these. And certainly more, which I will find in the end.

12 Looking For The Inner Order: The search through the music of an inner order, hard to find in an eclectic life; three vocal lines are weaved together, they melt, they overwhelm each other, they live independently: those are similar dynamics to the alternate events of Freud Ego.

13 Inside out: “Know yourself” this motto was engraved on the pediment of Apollo’s temple in Delfi. The answer is inside of us, all we have to do is search for it. Even if sometimes is awkward and painful.

14 Zanzibar: Zanzibar is a holiday of the thinking through the places and far away melodies, which is melt in a mix of spices and emotions. Zanzibar is the voice of memory and the ocean.

15 All Things In Your Soul: truth is inside everything: a gest or an occurrence, a feeling expressed. Life is not a mere abstract concept. Life itself is Everything.