Cuban Jazz Combo


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The Cuban Jazz Combo is a connection between two musicians collecting their thoughts and experiences. Bassist Riccardo Cundari and percussionist Fabrizio Aiello both finest arrangers and composers. It came natural to them to create togheter this particular project. The unique sounds are even more credible, remembering and never forgetting their cultural background. The spontaneity of harmonies, music wise and personalities, helped to bond the combo. This too allowed versatility to take charge. This “music shake” became for them “jazz latino”. The afrocuban sound mixed with jazz, and their unique ideas, thus became “cuban jazz combo”! Always respecting the elders from the 60’s and 70’s and remembering the “blue note jazz-sounds ”. Great thanks to the multi talented musicians on the italian scene who supported this project: Elvio Ghigliordini on flute, Aldo Bassi trumpet, Gianni Savelli on sax, Paolo Yurich piano…..

Also starring in this project on voice the Jimmy Garrison’s daughter: “Joy Garrison” – Her father was one of the former member of the John Coltrane quartet, so she really start to breath the jazz sounds since her youth in New York! She give to this project, with her great voice, a spicy jazz special touch typycally made by such artists like: Nancy wilson, Dinah Washington, Anita O’Day during their 50’s and 60’s warm studio sessions!
Latin-jazz moods from the melting-pot city of Rome with deep crosscultural
jazz-rhythms accent. Enjoy!