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The cuban jazz combo is leaded by Fabrizio Aiello, and a bunch of additional musicians like: Paolo Yurich, Joy Garrison, Aldo Bassi, Elvio Ghigliordini and Pilù. After the international success of their first album here theis second cd collection that is a work tribute to the great disco adventure of the 70’s but in a hot cuban-jazz style and mambo salsa way! It came natural to them to create togheter this particular project. The unique sounds are even more credible, remembering and never forgetting their cultural background.
The spontaneity of harmonies, music wise and personalities, helped to bond the combo. This too allowed versatility to take charge. This “music shake” became for them “jazz latino”. The afrocuban sound mixed with jazz, and their unique ideas, thus became “cuban jazz combo”! Always respecting the elders from the 60’s and 70’s and remembering the “blue note jazz-sounds ”. The leader Fabrizio Aiello start showing his great talent at age of 10 playng of sort of percussions instruments –
The sound will be perfectionate after the many travels in the Cuba island where Fabrizio played with the biggest name of the scene. He is also a teacher and a great session man very requested for major Italian artist’s gigs. Great thanks to the multi talented musicians on the italian scene who supported this project.
Latin-jazz moods from the melting-pot city of Rome with deep crosscultural jazz-rhythms accent. Enjoy!