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BungaLove – Samba Natural

A new album from Funky Juice Records, is a project that finds its roots in the bossanova and in the brazilian beat; featuring Marco Ricci and Mishael Levron, initiators and creators of BungaLove, offer a new sound in which tradition and new musical tendencies mix-up throughout soft electronic sounds.
The album incorporates many influences and styles into a new, fresh and steamy atmosphere, tracks such as “Aphrodisiaco” and “A Groovy Day”, heavily caracterized with Soul and Funky beats, blend with gentle and soft ballads like “Bem Devagar”, “Depois” and “Dreaming Olinda”, passing through light samba-bossas such as “So eu e voce”, “Maracanà”, “Samba Natural” and many others. The albums title was taken from the 7th track, composed by Mishael Levron with words written Dan Wiesenfeld, a Jumpy, happy samba created on a blues structure with some brasilian harmonic variations. “Maracanà” was the first track to be released on many compilations and is Bungalove most distinguished track as for style and tempo, sung by Sandy Gasperoni (aka Sandy Muller) along with “So Eu E Voce” with pedro Scassas flute, are Bungaloves greatest hits. After Gasperoni’s departure for Brazil, a new singer was
brought into studio, Dalia Mattioni, that has already worked with Mishael in many previous projects, and new songs begin to form, reaching the very climax in “Dreaming Olinda”, ( music by Mishael Levron and words by Dalia Mattioni), passing through “Depois”, ( music Mishael Levron and words Pedro Scassa), “Balao”, “Minha Loucura”, “Bem Devagar” (all composed by Mishael Levron with words by Dan Wiesenfeld), combine the very caracteristical falvour of Marco Ricci’s arrangements and artistic direction. “Saturday Song”, “Aphrodisiaco” and “A groovy Day” are three instrumental tracks composed by Marco Ricci and Mishael Levron that mix many influences such as middle-eastern music ( Saturday Song) with Soul, Funky and…naturally Samba. Many fellow musicians have collaborated on this album: flutist Pedro Scassa, percussionist Simone Haggiag , Sax Player Carlo Conti, Bassists Stefano Nunzi and Lucio Fasino. Bungalove are preparing their live set that will include Mishael on Guitars, Marco on Keyboards and computers, Dalia on Voice, Pedro on Flute, and new comers Matteo Pezzolet on Bass and Neto Salis on Percussions.