Leave all bad things behind


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“Leave all bad things behind” is the title of Blackshapes first album. It’s not always easy to leave bad thoughts behind especially frustration, but it is the only way to live and go on without any regrets. Music can Help us, giving us a never-ending moment that is fixed in our head and give us the power to carry on.That’s why I write music that is a way to create an imaginary world where artists and common people can get together and share experiences,help each other in a pure way.I write music for need and not for my ego. I had many Teachers on my way..blues icons like B.B. King , Albert Collins, Muddy Waters joined me since I were a child then came the “Soul” and then the “Funk”, Rufus Thomas, James Brown, The Meters, Al Green, Ray Charles, Bill Withers, Maceo Parker, Herbie Hancock….those artists definitely strongly influenced me. Many tracks included in this album get inspiration from the vintage sound of that period (mostly late 60’s and 70’s) even if some melodies are more modern and come from nowadays. The result is a mix between past and present in some tracks and in other tracks instead the 70’s funk sound and style is more radical, and sounds more like a tribute. “Leave all bad things behind” it’s an album made for listening, for dancing in the car when you are driving but also for reflecting on the joy that life can give.

“The best study to become musicians is life itself “.