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It was 2002 when the Barrio Jazz Gang’s first CD, “Spectrum”, was released, venturing into Nu Jazz territory with an electronic flair. They quickly became an Italian reality with strong northern european influences from Germany and France but maintaing their strong  Mediteranean melodic flavor. The two tracks that created the most buzz at that time were: “Linda Cançao” and “Chok-a-blok Avenue”. The first became a “must”, so to speak, in the NuJazz world due to it’s smooth feel and was added to many chill-out and lounge/dance playlists. The second was noted for it’s Afro-Jazz and South American groove became a floor-filler in the most refined international clubs. Their new project is entitled “2”, simbolic of duality, partnership, yin-yang, polarity, stereophonic sound, binary rhythms and so on…. but the strongest significance of the title can be found in the sense of continuity and evolution of the sound they created with their groundbreaking first project, “Spectrum”, which received unanimous acclaim from the international community, great reviews and inclusion in playlist all over the Web even now, years after it’s initial release!

This new chapter, “2”, is a work born from the union of producer/composer Roby Collela (founder of  Funky Juice Records) and co-producer/composer and guitarist Steve Micarelli. The space it comes alive in is first and foremost a very groovy place… full of vital beats that flow in a crescendo of tension/release bringing  you to a place where new aural horizons unfold continually before you, constantly mutating  and morphing in fascinating ways. It’s rhythms are enriched by the sound of live horns and ethnic instruments; sitars, tabla and tampoura. Many of it’s tracks are graced by the vocal presence of  Pauline London, another wonderful talent from the Funky Juice Records family. Pauline is also the lyricist for these songs. The material ranges from the sunny mood of “Entre o ceo o mar”, dedicated to the beautiful beaches of Brazil, to the deeper and socially aware “Safe Under the Sun”, an inspired call for planetary harmony.

Barrio Jazz Gang are:

Rob Colella – Computer programming, keys, sampler.

Stefano Micarelli – Computer programming, Electric guitar, Sitar, bongo.

Additional Musicians:

Eddie Henderson on trumpet on tracks: “Spanish Market” and “Sunday Show”

Carlo Micheli : Tenor Sax,Alto Sax, Baritone Sax, Flute

Aldo Bassi : Trumpet

Pauline London : voice

All tracks composed by: Roberto Colella (a.k.a Roby J.C.) and Stefano Micarelli

Expect for : “ Entre o céu e o mar” by Stefano Micarelli And  “Nude Look” by Roberto Colella – All lirycs by Paola Fortini  – Artistic Production and Executive Production: Rob Colella and Stefano Micarelli