Barrio Jazz Gang
The Complete Remixes


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About to celebrate their tenth year together, Italian nu-jazzers aces Barrio Jazz Gang have collected this timely compilation of remixes onto this new release from Funky Juice.
This collection contains all of the best released remixes of the band plus some obscure gems never edited before or just in a very limited copies. Pauline London’s best tracks are in here taken from her first cd and one absolute rare track called ”Bewitched” produced and remixed by the Barrio Jazz Gang. Also featured “Fly In The Sky” here re-constructed and re-visited with a nujazz up-tempo intention really good for the dancefloor. As well the other Pauline London’s track: “Maybe Yesterday” here is treated with the same intention and have an irresistable dancefloor drive. Minus 8 as well remix one of their best track called “Nude Look” taken from their 2nd cd, in a balearic summer electronic uptempo beat.
Also Barrio Jazz Gang answering remixing one of the Minus 8 best track called: “Let it go”, here is a midtempo cut chilly and warm. One of the best surprise is the Steve Martinez remix of the most famous Barrio Jazz Gang’s track called: “Chok-a-blok-avenue”. There is also a very rare jazz-house Roby’s remix of “Bellavista” released only on vinyl.
The two Dynamic 4’s tracks are simply astonishing and still very actual.
“Sunday Show” featured the Eddie Henderson’s trumpet and the gang here did a great re-work of this track. “I believe in you” of Cuban Jazz Combo completely re-arranged here give to the Joy Garrison’s voice a new look and a great drive for the dancefloor.