Barrio Jazz Gang


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The Barrio Jazz Gang’s debut album reveals the band’s compelling itinerary between the brainy elements of jazz and the more physical,pulsing elements of club-dance music. A distinctive Mediterranean and Latin American touch colours the themes and melodies throughout the album.

Rob Colella and Stefano Micarelli arte the 2 founders of the band, other members are Aldo Bassi(trumpet), Paolo Innarella (sax and flutes) and singer Paola Fortini, all established musicians from the italian jazz scene. Echoes of retrò-jazz, of bossa-nova and of african rhythms make up the texture of this musical excursion, crossing a great deal of boundaries along the way. The long-awaited album is now ready and bound to be played in many lounges and clubs across the globe. Contains the 2 hit singles:
Linda Cançao and Chok-A-Blok_Avenue, plus 2 remixes.