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It all started with the idea of ​​updating the jazz sound with new electronic sounds and rhythms programmed for the dancefloor, with musicians from the Roman jazz district of Testaccio.

Roberto Colella and Stefano Micarelli, a DJ-producer and a jazz guitarist with broad musical views, merged their extractions and their experiences in a single project by contaminating each other. Aldo Bassi, who with his masterful trumpet solos, brought prestige to the band, Paolo Innarella with the biting lyricism of his tenor sax and Pauline London with sinuous and refined vocals immediately joined as session-man in a spontaneous and decisive way.

The first two CDs produced 10 years apart, have traced a stable path over time, which has allowed the band to be appreciated in every corner of the world and to build a crowd of followers on social networks. This testifies that music knows no barriers, and is always the real engine of the good part of globalization, capable of mixing cultures and traditions, of uniting life stories and being a vector of new knowledge.Returning to the present, at the beginning of this new decade of the 1920s, the band presents a new work of 4 songs, 3 unreleased and an amazing version of their legendary flagship song: “Linda Cançao“.

“Love save the day” is the first song written which inspired the journey of the entire work, a simple phrase took us back to the time when we all, adults and children, from all latitudes, love to play and run happily under the our mighty star. Since ancient times, the Sun has been a deity, a symbol of life, power, strength, light and energy. It is from here that the band’s music draws inspiration and meaning, in search of new inspirational horizons. All with a positive energy in the splendor of summer mornings, confident that the love of life will save us the day.

“Inside me” is a downbeat composition born from an introspective idea of ​​Rob thinking of the early years of the wave of acid jazz. Reminiscent blues, cinematic atmosphere accompany the listener throughout the song, seduced by the splendid voice of the singer Iris.

“Looking back”: it’s an upbeat song, with a very catchy beginning and a very enthralling melodic line. The refrain opens with the synthesizers that outline a sophisticated and spicy harmony where the great vocality of Iris Pellegrini emerges.

 “Linda Cançao – New Version”> Reworked and Restyled – Surely this is the band’s most successful song along with the other: “Chok-A-Blok Avenue“.

Both have been in myriad compilations around the world and continue to have thousands of streams and listeners on all online and offline platforms. They can be considered classics of the house-brazil and nujazz genres respectively.

Artistic co-produced by:  Stefano Micarelli and Rob Colella.

Executive producers: Stefano Micarelli and Rob Colella for Funky Juice records

(a Surabaya Music publishing  label).

All tracks published by Surabaya Music publ. (S.I.A.E.)

Recorded at: Fisherman Recording Studio – Rome –  Italy

(p) & © 2021 – Surabaya Music publ.