Reflejo De Luna


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Alacran is a spatio-temporal musical journey, bridging Latin moods and modern electronic charms. It is a project that brings together the heritage of traditional musical cultures such as tango and flamenco, inventing new meldings, filtered through the taste for research and the openness to exploring the unexplored. Spanish is the main language used by “Alacran” throughout their work: it was a natural choice, firstly for a cultural affinity with our Iberic peninsula “cousins”, and secondly because of its spread, reaching Central and South America, making it as universal a language as English is. The use of the voice goes a bit beyond conventional song schemes, conceived more like an channelled instrumental component among the other instruments.

“Reflejo de luna”, the title track, is been chosen for the John Turturro’s movie: “Fading Gigolò” starring Woody Allen, Sharon Stone, Mira Sorvino. The tracks has minimal but very imaginative lyrics that define the song’s very colors, as well as the use of the acoustic instruments heard here: guitar, bandoneon and percussion. The background rhythms, along with the use of analogue synths, make up the futuristic portion of Alacran’s sound spectrum. In this fusion, echoes of Astor Piazzolla linger, with classical guitars and dub-electronics moods. Like a painter mixing the different colors on the canvas, so “Alacran” tries to put together these elements to outline its musical concept. The link with the Spanish tradition happens in a very instinctive way in Mediterranean culture, where art, lifestyles and tastes influence each other to create a truly expressive and contemporary musical crossroad. The added effects on the voice play an important part, providing that modern touch that makes it stand out alongside more traditional instruments such as guitar and bandoneon. The tracklist alternates songs with instrumental texture full of sensuality, romance and passion that create magical and dream-like atmospheres. The rhythm and movement found in the compositions pulls the listener right inside the poetry and the introspection of the dance, of the tango in its purest and modern essence.The faces and souls that give life to this musical adventure are those of the guitarist, composer and producer Stefano Micarelli and vocalist, songwriter and composer Paola Fortini (a.k.a.Pauline London). Both trodded along multiform musical paths for several years, from jazz to songwriter music as well as world-music, collaborated with many artists and realized various projects under their respective names.