Thundermeek is: Stefano Micarelli– Electric guitar, percussions, Drums, Bass, Computer programming. Guitarist, composer and arranger who works in jazz and musical production. Founder of the nujazz-electro band Barrio Jazz Gang since 2001, together with his partner and producer, Rob Colella. In addition to collaborating with prominent names in the Italian jazz scene, he has had frequent experiences with overseas musicians, with Mike Mainieri, George Garzone, Benny Maupin, Harvie Swartz and Eddie Henderson.  He also played with some of the best Italian jazz musicians like: Massimo Urbani, Valter Martino, Massimo Manzi, Marcello Rosa. For several years he joined the guitarist as the producer of the “Funky Juice” label with an international user base (England, Hong Kong, United States, Australia, Japan, etc.). In this double-sided appearance appears in his Dynamic 4 project,( together with Daniele Tittarelli, Pietro Lussu and Armando Sciommeri) which saw the CD “My Favorite Beats” also come out in Japan for the historic Columbia-Jazz label (Sony). He signed the production and composition of the song “Reflejo de luna” by Alacran, a famous  electro-tango: featuring in a John Turturro’s movie:  “Fading Gigolo” soundtrack with Woody Allen, Sharon Stone and Mira Sorvino. He also produced and played on all Pauline London albums.