Stevie’s Blend – Project root and history:

When the  mixing together of the taste, class, power and skills of four well known figures on the international Blues scene, gives life to a project that is full of subtleties and surprises, all waiting to be discovered. The band’s first album: “THE BLUES HILL”, (released for digital download on the 28th. February 2019 by Redwood Recordings and distributed world-wide by The Orchard) contains 10 original “ bluesy” tracks, written by Stefano De Angelis.The acoustic mood of the album, was chosen to experiment with sounds closer to those of  “ bottom-line” transatlantic blues, and the collaboration of different singers makes listening very varied. The song “This Is My River” was also released as a single, along with a videoclip, directed by Claudio Martinez. Their second album, again produced by Redwood Recordings, will be available in 2020

The current band members are:
Stefano De Angelis – guitar
Gianna Chillà – lead vocals
Michael Brill – bass
Piero E. Pierantozzi – drum 


Stefano De Angelis: Guitars
Guitarist from the early age deepens the study of the blues guitar studying privately but above all acquires a great live experience playing in numerous concerts with various bands of the Roman area and accompanying some artists of the blues scene including Louisiana Red. Many live in the most prestigious clubs in the capital (Big Mama, Geronimo’s, Jack & Elwood, Charity, etc.) and in some important Italian festivals (Pistoia Blues Festival, Torrita Blues Festival, Palmi Blues Festival, Rieti Blues Festival, Blues Summit,etc.). Essential and powerful style, able to engage the audience in dragging solos. Instrumentation reduced to a minimum: Fender Stratocaster, tube Fender amplifiers and overdrive. He join the concerts with an intense activity of songwriters (two CDs published and one being recorded in the studio), at the same time carries out educational activities as a private teacher of blues guitar.

Gianna Chillà: lead vocals
Italian singer, born and raised in Rome, Gianna Chillà started playing when she was 3 years old, painting black and white frets on paper towels. When she was 4, her family yes her first electric piano of her life, she started studying as a self-taught up to her 9th birthday, then she dedicated her attention to classical piano and opera singing. She discovers Chopin and Janis Joplin, and the mix of the two gave life to very peculiar musical personality. In the 90’s she recorded her first single, “In the power of love” reaching the top charts in France, Netherlands and Switzerland. Two follow-ups, “Gotta dance with the music” and “Givin’ it up”, often sharing the stage with huge names of the European dance panorama of that period, such as Corona, Capella, Ice Mc and many more.  The trio named Cherries,started in Italy in 2003 and moved to US between 2007 and 2009, where they released an EP, “Lady Butterfly”, recorded at Tree Sound Studio in Atlanta, and during that period, they worked as guests during the Billboard music awards. Two years later the band got back in Italy and Gianna produced last Cherries album, “Waving”.In 2014 Gianna had the chance to take part with great success in the TV show The voice of Italy. On September 2016 Gianna gave birth to a new project, Killa, writing and producing FATED, an album released in October 2018, she decideded to go along with Black Hornets giving life to a brand new album (out on September 2016) including prestigious collaborations, such as Jennifer Batten, who decided to play on Gianna’s ballad “By my side”. Currently, Gianna appears to be one of the most promising rock blues singers of the European scene, thanks to her incredible stage presence, her impressing vocal range, powerful on stage as well as on her every studio recording, and her life-long experience.

Michael Brill: bass
Michael “Mick” Brill is an english bass player and singer who settled in Italy in the early 1970’s. He spent many years working as a session man for some of the top recording companies ( r.c.a….e.m.i…. wea…ariston.. etc.) subsequently he collaborated with some of the most prominent italian artists(Riccardo Cocciante, Antonello Venditti, Bobby Solo, Patty Pravo, Rino Gaetano etc.) he also recorded several sound tracks for films with Ennio Morricone, Armando Trovaioli, Luis Bacalov and others. But he never lost his passion for blues/rock, which brought him in contact with the “Big Mama”(the house of the blues in Rome) this lead him to collaborate with some well known italian and international bluesmen such as Buddy Miles, Louisiana Red, Rosa King, Roberto Ciotti, Andrea Braido etc.) he was also part of the band which accompanied Leon Hendrix (brother of the legendary Jimi) for a short tour in italy.

Piero Eugenio Pierantozzi: drums
A technical and versatile drummer, he began studying piano and solfeggio with Maestro Luciano Michelini at the Conservatory of S.Cecilia.He undertook the study of drums under the guidance of Horazio “El Negro” Hernandez, then continued with Agostino Marangolo, Derek Wilson, Lele Melotti and Maurizio Dei Lazzaretti. He also attended various seminars and master classes with internationally renowned artists (Terry Bozzio, Steve Smith, Dave Weckl, Virgil Donati, Gregg Bissonette and many others. Work in the studio and tour: Phill Salera, Roland Ricaurte, Arwak, Toni Malco, Iva Zanicchi, Bob Masala, Mick Brill, George Sims, Marco Quagliozzi, Dave Sumner, Stefano Senesi, Francesca Luna, Concido, Luca Virago, Toni Fornari & GG Band, Augusto Fornari, Carmen Serra, Mario Zannini Quirini, Luigi Saccà, Fabio Costantino, Fabio Torregrossa. TV experiences: In line for eight, Night nine, Girofestival, La Fabbrica della Musica, Good Sunday, One Morning. From March 2010 on tour with the dancers of the television program “Dancing with the Stars” in the most important theaters in Italy (Teatro Sistina, Teatro Ariston, etc.) At the same time he plays as a drummer in many bands in the most important clubs, pubs and discos of the capital and he carries out intense didactic activity. Since 2003 he has been endorser for Ufip and Ideas for Drummers.

Mark Hanna
Born in Buffalo, New York, (USA) on August 12, 1961. Started studying music at the age of 7. First professional gig at 14. Studied at the State University of New York for theater and film. Transferred to New York City and there began important experiences as music director, theater and film-short director, and live concert performer. Composer, arranger, live performer, film-dubbing and directing. He plays the guitar, piano, accordion, bass and harmonica. Between the United States and Canada, he has worked with such fine talents as Mick Taylor, Jeff Healey, “Octoberman” and “Blue in the Face“, among various others. (“..these being the most memorable experiences for me…” – MH). Transferred to Rome, Italy in 1990. Has worked with various artists ranging from Carl Anderson, Paul Young, Chicago Beau, Johnny Copeland, Al Copely, Sugar Blue,, to Alex Britti, Max Gazzè from Amii Stewart to Maestros Caruso and Pirazzoli, to the legendary English rockers “The Mad Dogs” and the musical “Jesus Christ Superstar” (the real one – with C. A.). Musical director for the immensely received television variety program “Webnotte” which has allowed him to work with several international and Italian artists such as Graham Nash, John Mayall, Paolo Fresù, Morgan, Piero Pelù, Carmen Consoli, Paola Turci, Nicolò Fabi and countless others. Mark continues working in film, theater, TV and live concerts.

The videoclip of the song “This is my river” can be viewed by accessing the following web address: – Complete information and mp3 songs can be downloaded by accessing the following web address:
Interview Rai Play link:

All songs written, produced, arranged and engineered by Stefano De Angelis
Mixed and mastered by Nicola Digià- Rome, Italy.