This work is dedicated to one of the best Beatles albums still played and loved by old and new generations around the world, for its immense creativity, innovation and musical genius. This new combo “SAND WATER & WIND” was formed for the occasion during the summer of 2012 and is led by the great pianist and arranger Silvano Melgiovanni who is also a member of another Funky Juice group called “Brother Groove”. The singer who is a great soul talent, Chiara Vecchio, has had many experiences in jazz and Bossa-Nova bands. Her voice is both gritty, sweet and sexy. The third member, Eric Daniel is a well known American saxophonist and excellent flautist who has collaborated in his long career with great names such as: Stevie wonder, Temptations, Chaka Khan etc.
The band’s sound is jazzy, funk and slightly bossa-nova, and all songs have been completely rearranged and reinvented.
“SAND WATER & WIND” with immense pleasure have reworked this extraordinary and timeless material, made with the best melodies ever composed. The genius of the Fab Four is still a huge inspiration to any avid musician, and we really think you’ll love this visionary new experiment in modern jazz.