Phil De Laura


Filippo “Phil” De Laura
Producer, composer, arranger, sound engineer and multi-instrumentalist, Phil De Laura has scored and created original music for film soundtracks and commercial jingles, as well as for recordings projects by major label artists. He was born and raised in Rome, and now he lives in New York. His artistic talent bloomed at the age of 13, when he began playing drums, guitar, and an old grand piano from the late ’20’s which his family kept in the apartment. His pull towards different languages in music most likely had its roots in this period of adolescence, as he grew up playing all three of these instruments at the same time. Phil pursued his degree in Ethnomusicology at the University of Rome, where he was exposed to diverse music cultures and new sounds, introducing him to a vast array of instruments and playing techniques. It is during this time that Phil purchased the Chapman Stick, a ten-stringed two-in-one bass & guitar, played by tapping, a sort of piano technique. Since then he has collected stringed instruments of many kinds from all over the world, with a particular interest in hybrids (in-between instruments), with exotic names like Glissentar, Akkord Zither, Fusion Tar, Lute guitar, Banjola, The Root. Some of these date back centuries, others recent strokes of the genius of living luthiers.
The International groups who employ his talent include RAI (Italy’s largest broadcasting television and radio company), Warner Bros Entertainment Company, ENEL (Europe’s third largest Energy provider), Mediaset, Tempesta Film and Sky Television Italy.
De Laura has collaborated with various well known and successful personages of the Italian film world such as Paolo Vivaldi, Maria Rosaria Omaggio, Susanna Tamaro, Liliana Cavani, Lamberto Bava, Silvio Muccino and many others.
As an artistic producer, composer, arranger, sound engineer and sideman musician, he has worked with established recording artist. Among the many, Robert Miles, Grazia Di Michele, Patti Pravo, Niccolò Fabi, Bungaro, Nada.


Now that I have a complete view of the project, I can say that you have done an excellent job. I hadn’t expected to find so close to me the sound I had looked for all around the world my whole life long. But everything is so mysterious and it happens sometimes, in the defining moments of our lives, that orbits intersect. This must be our time, to create this album of your wonderful musical life’s-work. Precisely because time breeds the encounters that fuse the whole: from friendships to ambitions, from knowledge to the quest for mutual artistic fulfillment, this probably couldn’t have happened before now.I listen to the album over and over, regarding it as one of the most beautiful works I’ve ever released. This enchanting sound catches you and blows your mind for the entire duration of the album. Most sincere congratulations.

Thanks again for your treasures.

Roberto Colella