The PANAPHONIC project was born some years ago as a result of the Rob Colella’s playroom. He is also a member of the famous Barrio Jazz Gang duo, together with Stefano Micarellli. During the last few years he dedicated most of the time creating the new barrio jazz gang album, that will be the third. At the same time he fond the time to create his first solo album “Sunrise Light”, a collection of his latest studio works where the artist shows us his skills and his innovative experimental  sounds. In this project, Rob brings together musical elements from around the planet and mixes them together, forming a unique fusion of music entitled PANAPHONIC, which really translates in looking into music through a large panoramic view of sounds. He wants people to explore his work and get in a new dimension of experience.The water streams, the trees, the meadows, and both and wild animals are such an inspiration that they create a full blown colourful musical landscape. NuJazz has evolved through the years to become one of the most popular form of dance-club music.The project is a mixture of electronic treats with analog synths as well acoustic percussions and groove samples from all over the world. Also he used ethnic vintage vinyls as well. Echoes of samba-grooves, bossa-beats, cuban-grooves into a magma of electro sequencing and drum-loops. Rob has already released up to fifty international releases so far and his tracks have been included on numerous compilations.  He collaborated with such musicians just to name a few: Eddie Herderson, Aldo Bassi, Paolo Innarella, Stefano Micarelli, Sebastiano Forte, Carlo Micheli.The second cd it i called: “VINTAGE STREETS AND WAH-WAH SOUNDS” and it  was released in the 2012.

Now he is working on a new Ep with Emiliano Pari on Keys and Melody Quinteros on vocal and violin.

Emiliano Pari is a composer pianist singer. After many years spent collaborating with various bands and international artists of the soul-funk scene, as a keyboardist, pianist he decides to devote himself more to the composition and realization of personal projects. The collaboration with Panaphonic stems from his      great interest in music from the “south of the world” Central America and Cuba.

Melody Quinteros – Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She began studying piano at the age of 6 and the violin at the age of 8. She graduates from the National University of Art (Bs.As.) and also from the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome. She wins several scholarships for chamber music training. She   has  attended various Masterclasses for the improvement of the two instruments. She has  participated in various festivals, tours and concerts in numerous countries both as a soloist and in orchestra / groups of classical music as well as tango, pop and rock, and also participated in television programs. She currently continues her concert career, she carries on her Duo Sonder project with which she promotes Argentine and also international music, teaches and collaborates with many and different musical and theatrical projects.