Dynamic 4


DYNAMIC 4 are:
Stefano Micarelli
Daniele Tittarelli
Pietro Lussu
Armando Sciommeri

Stefano “fisher” Micarelli is the leader of the band and has grown with the illness of the music. Already to one year his prevailing occupation was to fumble with the 45’s of Tom Jones and the
Yardbirds, he also listened to the back. Lightened by the jazz he has founded different projects where he forced the musicians to play his tunes and the times that he didn’t do that he played the guitar with Harvie Swartz, George Garzone, Massimo Manzi, Eddie Henderson, Bennie Maupin. He has secretly cultivated, for more than 20 years, a passion for the music programming with the computer. This has flowed into the association with the DJ-producer Rob Colella and in the project of the group Barrio Jazz Gang known in the european and international club-charts. Militant in Jazz orchestras oriented, alto saxophonist Daniele Tittarelli was awarded as best soloist at the “Tremplin jazz 2000” in Avignon (France). His versatility led him to join his jazz activities frequent incursions into neighbouring territories.It is known his attachment to her neighborhood ‘ Garbatella ‘ (Rome) which records and concerts, devotes almost a country-microcosm in which he dreams one day of becoming mayor.Pietro Lussu is the noble group, already alongside Nicola Conte at some performances, works currently as a pianist with Rosario Giuliani, with whom he has already done several European tours and three CDs. He was also the rhythmic bass-support of the band and the “lounge-touch” elettrofonic organ.
In the cellars of Via Veneto and at concerts in the afternoon tea rooms is Armando Sciommeri. His groove is never obvious nor brash, possesses its own ‘ sound ‘ that found on any drums sounds, although he prefers to build own snares and toms with selected by him and Woods. His collaborations range within national and international jazz: Eddie Henderson, Scott Reeves, Alfredo Ponissi, Robert Stillman, George Garzone, Tony Scott, Antonello Salis. For a period of his life he lived in Germany where he participated in projects that he began to look from time to time in Munich.