ALACRAN are Stefano Micarelli and  Paola Fortini.

Stefano Micarelli has recorded several  CDs as a leader, including “My Favourite beats” (with Dynamic 4) on REgroovable jazz  The songs he produced together with Roberto Colella with the band: Barrio Jazz Gang are scattered through various compilation released worldwide. Among his most important pop collaborations, is the one with the Orchestra della RAI. In jazz, as well as collaborations with prominent names of the Italian scene (Massimo Urbani, etc.), he has had frequent experiences with overseas musicians, such as George Garzone and Eddie Henderson (who featured in the second cd of  Barrio Jazz Gang on three tracks), with whom he has also recorded CDs,  Mike Mainieri and Headhunters’ Benny Maupin.

Paola Fortini (aka Pauline London)  started from a stylistic jazz  inspiration, then opened up to  music from different cultures, leading to embracing a particular vision of world music that led her to record with  Upanishad,  a multiform and multi-ethnic works  with Italian lyrics, where Paola  was featured also as composer and author. Attentive to the most hypnotic sounds of our  primal instrument (our voice!),  her influences  traverse Latin American music to the great voices of jazz, Sarah Vaughan, Dinah Washington, Mel Tormé, Dianne Reeves to the most  refined and sophisticated pop of Bjork, Sting, Noa and traditional Indian vocals. Paola’s approach is greatly enhanced by the practice of  techniques such as bioenergetics, a discipline that through some awareness-raising techniques  removes our psychic energy blocks. It aims to set in motion the vital energies whose expressions were smothered by environmental factors, with particular attention to the quality of the movements of the body, of breathing and voice.